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Redefining Edge Operational Capability

Axiom combines four core capabilities to support agile, operating models at scale.


Combining robust security protocols with layered verification ensures you can identify, verify and protect your people and communities - even in low or no trust environments.

Device Verification

Utilises hardware and software fingerprints to ensure only authorised devices are granted access to the system.


Protect against attempts to mimic or forge users, safeguarding against identity and data fraud.

Location Verification

Asserts the accuracy of a device's reported
position, validating situational awareness and user inputs.

Media Verification

Combines location data with analysis of device hardware to detect attempts to tamper with or falsify media files.

Layered Know Your Customer (KYC)

Verifies the identity of users during onboarding, establishing a crucial user level trust layer.

Facial Log In

Matches the user's live facial scan against registered biometric data, balancing assurance and convenience to provide secure, user-friendly access to the Axiom app.

Automated ID Review

Ensures the authenticity of submitted government-issued documents by matching with the user's biometrics and cross referencing against known government formats.

PEP & Sanctions Review

Cross references global political exposure and sanction lists to prevent associations with high-risk individuals.

These tools collectively form a comprehensive framework of device, location and personal verification that is critical for maintaining operational security, user trust and regulatory compliance.



Axiom's visualisation features provide organisations with a comprehensive and instantaneous overview of their global networks.

Single Unified View

Eliminates the complexity of juggling multiple systems, enabling you to see a cohesive picture of your users and projects anywhere in the world.

Dynamic Map Overlays

Toggle relevant data points, locations or resources into your live view to provide contextual perspective on your operations.

Location Insights & Tracking

Monitor movements and track status updates as they happen, critical for dynamic decision-making and reinforcing duty of care.

User Profiles

Surface the specific skills, attributes and capabilities of each individual within a network, vital for understanding and leveraging large scale, multi-discipline teams effectively.

Detailed, real-time visual information helps organisations to anticipate and respond to conditions on the ground promptly, enhancing situational awareness and operational readiness.



Axiom offers unparalleled communication and tasking tools, essential for supporting globally dispersed teams.

Encrypted Communications

Ensures secure message exchanges, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access.

Reverse Translation

Supports over 130 languages for both individual and group communications, eliminating language barriers and fostering clear understanding among diverse teams.


Distribute and track tasks - to individuals or teams - based on project needs, location or specific skills, enabling precise delegation and efficient resource allocation.

Multilingual, secure communication and scalable task management helps you deliver efficient and targeted coordination on a global scale.



Compensate, reimburse or donate to your networks quickly and easily using fully compliant, secure blockchain payment rails.


Open, global access allows you to pay beneficiaries - regardless of their local banking status - via a secure digital wallet.


Transacting in USD pegged stablecoin on blockchain reduces the risk of currency volatility and ensures payments can be settled in seconds - anytime, anywhere.

Axiom provides you with your own digital payment rails to seamlessly and securely pay your networks at reach.